Move baby, move.

12 Feb


For the last 2 weeks I’ve dealt with the most debilitating back pain I’ve ever had.  It’s like my whole right side is caving in, someone stabbed me with a burning hot poker.. and then my leg goes numb (but not my back, blah).  I’ve been having trouble sleeping, walking, sitting, breathing… this is terrible.

Today, in a panic, I called the SPU (special pregnancy unit) and asked them what I could do because I was at the end of my rope.  The nurse (Debbie) was really nice and told me how smart I was to call.  Basically, this is a NORMAL (gah) pregnancy related symptom that a lot of women have and it goes away when baby decides to move. Boo to that. Basically, in pregnancy, a hormone is released that allows important muscles in the pelvic area to stretch and loosen up to prepare for delivery… and in turn causes the sciatic nerve to get irritated.  Normally, this nerve would not likely be attacked (other than if you have some other health issue or accident)

There’s not much that can be done other than doing pelvic tilts, wearing a support belt and taking Tylenol when needed.  She said I can go on my hands and knees, lean against a chair or couch and I should get significant relief.  I hope she’s right but right now all I can think of is how the hell will I get up once I’m on my knees!?

When I was on the phone, I started crying because I moved the wrong way and it hurt a lot… I asked her if it was normal to be that painful and she said this was one of the worst pains she had had as well and she understood (which made me feel a lot better about my emotional state).  I’m sorry to complain so much but this is really debilitating.  It’s awful to not be able to do anything you usually do with such ease.  Last night, when my alarm rang for me to test my blood sugar, it took me 30 minutes to roll over so I could access my meter which was 1foot away on my night stand.  UGH.  And, this morning, I had to give myself many pep talks so I could walk to the bus stop without crying… this is NOT normal.

Right now, I wish I could be on the couch (where it also hurts but not as much) watching Baby Story with a hot bean bag instead of being at work… where all I want to do is break down and cry.


Birth wish

22 Jan

As we (mama and baby girl) get closer to the end of this pregnancy, I am starting to think about how I’d like to deliver this baby.  “Baby’s come out of your vagina…” my friend Mimi so comically said when I told her my feelings.  As a type 1 diabetic who’s being intensely followed at a special high risk clinic here in Ottawa, I have to realize that my ‘idea’ birth may not be realistic.  Although I know this is the reality, I find it very hard to deal with.  I’ve always wanted a all-natural home midwife assisted water birth with 0 interventions.  I’ve always wanted to bring my babies into the world the old fashioned way.  After much research, it’s almost sure that it’s the best way and the most recommended way for baby’s safety, mommy’s safety and post-natal recovery.  So why can’t I have this dream birth? Well, I have this wonderful relationship with my dead pancreas that prevents such events.

Today I contacted the Midwifery Collective of Ottawa to see what my chances were and if I was just assuming I wouldn’t be able to be seen by them.  Well, it’s true.  As soon as you take insulin as medication (and I’m sure there are other medications too, I’m just partial), you’re ineligible for midwifery care.  Boo.  So, take away one of my wishes.  Next, the home birth issue.  Well, seeing as I have to be closely monitored by doctors at the hospital, I can take that one away right now.  All-natural MAY be possible if I can convince my doctors to not induce me ahead of my due date (which is highly unlikely if I have any trouble at all with my diabetes control as I get closer to my due date.)

What I’ve decided to do is look into hiring a doula who would be present at the hospital and help me and my hubby through the birth of our baby girl.  She would be there to ensure that my husband gets breaks, I am well taken care of and that my wishes of having a natural birth are respected.  They specialize in knowing all sorts of breathing techniques and helpful positions that may eliminate the need for epidurals, pitocin or any other interventions that I would like to avoid.   We will see what hubby says when I talk to him seriously about my desire to have this.  An alternate is my mother who has agreed to be there with us at the birth… I’m just afraid she won’t be up for it if I am in any pain at all.  Who knows!  I’m just in a ‘life isn’t fair’ place right now.  But then again, I have LOTS to be thankful for and should be happy with whatever happens.

With all of that being said… I have to consider all my options and keep an open mind to all alternative methods.  In the end, I may need an epidural and I would be willing to consider it if my or my baby’s life is in any danger at all.

Love from the bump,A


Baby C is active!

18 Jan

Today, I wanted to document baby C’s movements on my iPhone so I could publish it here and send it to my family by email! I find it SO amazing every time she kicks me and now that I can see it outside my belly, it’s even more amazing. Hope you enjoy this miracle of life! I sure do 🙂

Maternity clothes dilemma

17 Jan

Before I got pregnant I imagined myself pregnant and loved the image.  I’d picture myself shopping for maternity clothes and loving every moment of it.  Now, the reality is not so grand.  I’ve gained weight EVERYWHERE and find clothes fit me very poorly.  I’ve always been self-conscious about my legs and thought I had huge thighs, well now, it’s very true.  I’ve come to the realization that for the rest of my pregnancy I will live in leggings and jeans.  A friend of mine suggested I should ask my boss if it would be OK for me to wear jeans to work everyday.  I wonder if she would object – pregnant ladies get extra special privileges right?

I’m not opposed to living in leggings, on the contrary I am the most at ease and confident in them.  I think what bothers me most is the realization that my body is drastically changing and I can’t do anything about it. 

On a positive side, my bump is FINALLY inevitably present and I love it.  Even though other parts of my body upset me and frustrate me, I love looking at the mirror and seeing the bump that sticks out which reminds me that my baby girl is really in there.  Yesterday, I was sitting at work (wearing the last work pants that fit me, haha) and I saw her kick SO hard my skin stretched out by at least 1/2 a cm.  I was so excited I tried desperately to film the events on my iPhone but every time I tried, she would stop.  Soon, I’ll get it and will post the amazing-ness that is my baby’s movements. 

Love from the self-conscious bump,

ECP – Evil Crotch Pain

15 Jan

Pregnancy seems to bring all sorts of symptoms.  To name a few, I’ve had the dreaded all-day nausea (which is being treated by my BFF, Diclectin), acne, fatigue, back pain… etc.  Recently, I’ve had the chance (not) to meet a new one which has been nicknamed ECP by a hilarious lady on this forum.  Here’s an excerpt from her post which explains what it is.  Let me tell you, it sucks! Currently, I only feel it when I get up after being seated and I just hope it doesn’t get worse.  After you’ve read the post, make sure you read the comments… killers! I actually laughed out loud on the bus… hilarious.

Other names for this conditions (from other ladies in the comments):

  • kicked in the box
  • Fire-crotch
  • hot pocker

“Evil Crotch Pain is defined (by me and other scientific research, I’m sure) as sharp, shooting, burning pain that runs through your groin and “lady parts” during pregnancy.  The larger you get, the worse it gets.  There is no known cure for ECP, other then giving birth.  Pregnant women must just suffer through some of the most uncomfortable pain, outside of childbirth, that they will ever feel. Walking hurts the most, yet standing, sitting and lying down are all equally uncomfortable and painful. ”

Oooof… As one of the ladies in the comments so gracefully wrote… “let’s remember girls, at the end we get a baby – Thank god this “party” has great loot bags”

All I know is that you sure are worth all this pain.. I promise to forget all of it once I see your face.

Love from the squirmy bump and ECP,

General busy-ness, health report & big news!

14 Jan

Wowsa, it’s been over 2 months since I’ve posted! How did I let this happen? Oh wait, it’s SO like me to start something and not be able to keep it up or finish it. Before I got pregnant, I had this vision that once I did, I would document every single moment, news, etc about this experience. That’s nice and all but along with pregnancy brain, sleepless nights of blood sugar testing (3-4 times!) and nursery planning (let’s be real here. It takes up most of my time) I have had other major things on my mind. OH and did I mention we bought a new house and we’re moving in 2 weeks!? My doctor actually told me at my last appointment that most of his pregnant patients either renovate, move or get married while pregnant (between 20-38 weeks!) haha…

Anyway… on to a more interesting topic: diabetic pregnancy.

So at 24 weeks I can happily say that this pregnancy is going quite well in terms of diabetes. My control is good and when my blood sugar does go high, I am able to correct within an hour or two which is what my medical team expects from me. I am still getting a lot of lows which is somewhat abnormal for where I’m at but my doctors’ don’t seem to be too worried. I have gained more weight than I would like but seeing as my doctors’ haven’t mentioned anything, I will stop worrying. Apparently I get lazy while pregnancy and lose my interest in cooking so that explains the added calories I’ve been consuming. The extra 300 a day for baby is more like 500-800 calories depending on the day (Ehhhh?). In retrospect, I’m still correcting a lot of lows though so ease off!

In bigger news, WE’RE HAVING A GIRL!!! YAYYYYY We are so happy (more so me) because that’s what I always envisioned myself having as my first. Mama always knows? Aside from that, she’s very active! I felt her move for the first time at 21 weeks and it’s not stopped since – it’s only getting stronger and stronger. Hubby felt her last week which made him really happy. Since then, he now talks to her, kisses her goodnight and includes her in his goodnight texts when he’s working a night shift (insert ‘awwwww’ here!). We’re already so in love with our baby girl.

So, for now that’s it. I’m doing well diabetes-wise, baby is a GIRL, she’s passed her IPS and Level 2 screening (forgot to mention that, YAY!) and we felt her move! All around yays.

Here’s her most recent photo and one of my bump!

Love from the bump,A



So many lows.

6 Nov

So, I’m 14 weeks now and I’m starting to have a lot more energy which is NICE! I have been trying to exercise as much as I can and it feels good.  On the personal front, my husband and I are shopping for a new house and de-cluttering our current house so we can get it ready to sell.  It’s ALOT of work but if we want move we have to do it before the baby comes… so that gives us 5 months.  Well, really it gives us 3 because I want to move with enough time to set up our house, paint the nursery and be ready for baby’s arrival.

On the pregnancy with D front, I am low ALL the time.

Last night, I went to bed with a normal BG and woke up an hour later with a BG of 2.7.  I corrected, went back to sleep and woke up at 6AM and my BG was 2.9… gr.  I feel like this is better than what’s coming for me in the next couple months tho but how can I prepare myself when I am constantly adjusting everything!! My friend Myriam (dybo-preggo friend who’s 31 weeks pregnant!!) is taking SO much insulin right now that it makes me worry for me, the baby and my patience…Mostly, I worry that I’m not diligent enough about my control and am not dedicated enough.  I should be writing EVERYTHING down so I can understand what’s happening and why it’s happening.  The D team seem to be happy with my control and haven’t questionned anything other than suggesting changes and giving me tips.  I hope I’m doing ok and baby will be healthy when he/she is born.

Over the weekend, my hubby’s aunt did the pin test on me to see if I was carrying a boy or a girl.   Turns out, I should be carrying a boy this time, a girl next time and the next next time, another boy.  Martin came over and said “We’ll stop after 2!!” haha.

Can’t wait to find out if you’re a boy or a girl little one… Mommy will love you either way! xox

Bun in the oven!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!!
Just wanted to let you all know that things are going well 🙂 We are 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant today and things are getting a lot better.  Still have major nausea (pills are still working) but fatigue is starting to lift enough for me to do a 35 minute bike exercise every night this week! Wooo.  All in all, I’m good, baby’s good and hubby’s good.

Here’s my costume for Halloween 2012 – I was runner up at our work costume competition! YAY

Have a great evening,


12 weeks and 4 days – IPS

24 Oct

I just wanted to give you all an update on our little peanut 🙂  We went for our 12 week ultrasound today to do the IPS testing and saw our little peanut again! He/She has really become a miniature human and it’s amazing to see!

I am feeling alright, exhausted and nauseated most of the time but I have found relief since my OB prescribed some nausea/morning sickness medication.  It’s official, I have a baby bump and it’s wonderful! I can’t wait to see you all so I can show it off 🙂 I hope to see most of you at X-mas and if I don’t, we’ll have to organize something soon!

The due date is now April 20th because I’ll be induced at 38 weeks (diabetes related) so we’re looking forward to it!

Here’s a little preview 🙂 It’s heart was beating at 161bpm and it currently measures 6.3centimeters.

8 weeks & 5 days

24 Oct

Good morning!

So last week we had 2 very good appointments at 2 different clinics.  Lots to report!

Thursday was our ultrasound and last appointment at the Fertility Clinic.  Here, we got to see our little peanut and find out if it was growing at the right rate and if things were moving along.  We saw it.. and WOW!!! YOU CAN REALLY SEE IT! It’s amazing what technology and modern medicine can do… We were so emotional and happy.. it’s unreal.  The sonographer couldn’t give us any concrete information but she said our peanut measured 2cm and it was measuring at 8 weeks and 5 days (which is exactly where it should).  YAY!

When we saw the doctor, she told us things were looking really good and that she had no worries at all! Double YAY.   We left feeling warm and fuzzy and positive for the future of this pregnancy.  We took the afternoon, went to look at strollers and found the one we want!

Friday was our appointment at the Special Pregnancy Unit (SPU) to see the endocronology team (dr., nurse and dietician).  It went REALLY well other than taking 1+ hour to get in to see them.  I had heard the wait was long but c’mon!  We met with the doctor finally and she told me she had NO (ZERO) concerns that this pregnancy would be affected by my diabetes.  Can you say TRIPLE YAY? This was SUCH a relief… I almost broke down and cried right there.  I had been so afraid that my diabetes was killing my baby that I never took a step back to realize that I’m doing every thing I can and fixing things as I go (which is all they can ask for).  The real danger is when you have highs for extended periods of time… so she said to catch them and fix them and if I do, everything will be great.  I am SO SO SO happy.  Things have been good and they made a couple adjustments which has helped ALOT at night.

Here’s a photo of our peanut at 8 weeks 5 days.  He/She measures 2 cm and his/her heart was beating at 167bpm.  😀